Are You Wasting Time and Money on Digital Promotions?

Planning, launching, executing & tracking an activation in traditional sales channels can be very costly, meticulous and inefficient for companies. Brands have to spend money on dedicated packaging and barcode needs, promotional material investments, retailer fees and agency costs. This, partnered with the inaccurate ROI calculation possibilities for in-store campaigns may likely result in a fairly inefficient and rigorous process for marketeers. This raises the question;

“Do activations create more benefit than cost?”.

  • Every year, brands spend over 500 billion dollars on trade and sales promotions, only to have 60% of those result in a net loss.

So how can marketing teams ensure effective activations that are worth the investment? Brands can adopt new technological solutions to digitise & automate their activations, thus creating an omnichannel campaign process. This results in optimised & improved campaigns.

  • In a recent study, omnichannel campaigns saw an 18.96% engagement rate, while single-channel campaigns saw just a 5.4% engagement rate.

Benefits of Digitising Activations

Seamlessly Scale Up to Larger Audiences

Digitising activations allow brands to easily scale up to much larger audiences compared to traditional methods. Any brand would highly benefit from the cost advantages that come with scaling up through digital channels. Consumers are also much more likely to participate in an online activation rather than an offline one.

  • Omnichannel campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than do single-channel campaigns. 

Quick Activation & Easy Set Up

Digital campaigns are substantially quicker to activate & execute after the creation stage due to the automated nature & less need for prepared material. They’re also considerably easier to set up than offline campaigns and digitisation allows brands to effortlessly integrate their campaign platforms to their CRM systems & ad platforms. Thus allowing for a well planned, effective & structured marketing process.

Efficient ROI Calculation

Digitising your activations will help you calculate your ROI more efficiently due to the abundance of campaign data that will be available. 

  • 40% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is a top marketing challenge. 

How Receipt Processing Technology Can Further Enhance Digital Activations

Receipt processing technology acts as the sole proof of purchase in a digital campaign setup. Consumers purchase the product, then upload a photo of their receipt to a digital platform to redeem their reward. The use of receipt processing as a tool for proof of purchase negates the need for POS integration and dependency on retailers, thus allowing brands a massive room for freedom, agility & further cost and time savings. Consumers also benefit from the simpler user experience & journey that receipt processing & digitising brings.

Retailer Independence & No POS Integration

This eliminates the need for brands to initiate agreements with any retailer and integrate with their POS systems to execute the promotion. Retailer independence reduces retailer-based costs for the brand, also allowing the campaign to take place in any retail store within the region / country, thus enabling the brand to scale up to a larger audience. That’s what we call “Retailer Independent Campaign Mechanism.”

Fraud Detection

Justsnap’s receipt processing software includes an 8 layered fraud detection component. This helps with keeping the costs of the campaign efficient & the integrity of the activation intact by detecting any consumers who try to scam the brand through fake entries and denying them rewards.



Additional Data Advantages that Justsnap Provides

Justsnap’s campaign management solutions allow brands to use activations as a means to acquire highly valuable consumer data & shopper insights within full compliance of GDPR. High quality data can help enhance a brand’s marketing actions significantly.

Collecting Personal & Behavioural Data 

We offer brands unique and highly valuable consumer personal and behavioural data and the whole process is in compliance with GDPR laws. 

The brand gets to retain all of the data that gets collected and processed from the consumers’ receipts and the accompanying registration process.

Targeting & Retargeting

With the personal and behavioural data provided through your Justsnap campaign, you can create persona-based targeting and retargeting activations for selected segments.

  • 58% of marketers are challenged with targeting or segmenting their audience

Actionable Data

With the behavioural & personal data you’ve collected, you can re-take action on specific consumers at dates & times that you want on Facebook & Google based on the processed data acquired from their receipts.

  • 57% of marketers are challenged with optimising next-best-action marketing decisions.