Adopt a Data-Driven Activation Strategy to Experience Up To 5-8X Higher ROI!

Traditionally, brand activations have always been seen as a marketing tool that can be used to meet short term goals such as keeping churn rate at a desirable level and increasing sales volume. However, with the emergence of new & improved martech softwares, brands have started utilising activations for a different purpose to help serve long term goals. That purpose is the collection of actionable data that can be used for long term gain! Brands can utilise consumer data to increase brand loyalty & generate new consumers continuously from high quality leads to create long term market share growth.

  • Data-driven marketing is a top priority for marketing leaders – 40% of organisations aim to increase data-driven marketing budgets, and 64% of marketing leaders report that data-driven strategies are vital in today’s economy.

Collecting actionable consumer data sounds very intriguing, but is it possible to create a data-oriented activation without huge costs and a dependency on retailers & their POS systems? Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of receipt processing technology…

Consumer PII & Behavioural Data Collection Through the Power of Receipt Processing

Receipt processing technology is a marketing technology tool that enables you to create retailer independent activations with a simple UX where the only proof of purchase required from the consumer is a photograph or a screenshot of a simple receipt. The consumer uploads their receipt, then receipt processing technology validates or rejects the consumer’s purchase & extracts a wealth of data from the simple receipt; thus allowing you to collect personal information regarding consumers as well as insights on their shopping habits. This fully automated tool allows you to both execute a brand activation & collect data from consumers very seamlessly. 

  • The personalised campaigns marketing teams hope to achieve through data-driven marketing require real-time analysis, AI, and automation. As a result, marketing teams are investing more in marketing analytics tools and platforms.

You can collect personal information such as name & surname, age, gender, location where the consumer resides or has shopped at and contact information (phone number, email address). You can also benefit from shopper insights collected from the receipt which tells a story about the consumer’s shopping habits through information such as what store they shop at, what time they shop at, what type of products & what brand of products they buy together at certain circumstances; thus allowing for further marketing actions such as targeting, retargeting, data activation to be taken. 

  • When surveyed, 32 percent of marketers identified marketing analytics and competitive insights as the most important factors in supporting their marketing strategies over the last 18 months. This ranked higher than any other category.

Well, the collection of all this data is very intriguing, but how can we retain the consumer data collected under strict GDPR laws?

This is where expertise in campaign management comes into play! Creating a campaign strategy where the campaign platform is owned by your brand, and only managed by the martech company allows you to be the proprietary owner of all consumer data collected within full accordance of GDPR laws. The martech company can still process the collected data in order to provide you invaluable shopper insights which will BOOST campaign ROI & overall marketing performance. 

Collecting & Retaining Data Sounds Great, But How Can Brands Utilise the Consumer Data That’s Been Collected From Activations?

There’s a number of marketing decisions that can be taken by you to utilise consumer data, in order to generate outstanding marketing results & improved campaign ROI. 

  • Data-driven marketing increases ROI, with campaigns that leverage data-driven personalization reporting 5-8x ROI for their campaign spend.

Targeting & Retargeting

With the behavioural consumer data collected through your activations, you can create persona-based custom targeting & retargeting campaigns that will generate significant increases in both new consumer generation and consumer retention.

  • Leaders are 1.7x more likely to agree that adoption of machine learning and automation improves targeting, spend optimization, and personalization.

Actionable Data

The behavioural consumer data you collect allows you to promote specifically to any consumer you desire from the acquired database via closed campaigns. You can create fully customisable closed campaigns to target selected consumers at specific times or locations. Thus significantly enhancing your brand’s loyalty.

The Importance of Integration Tools

Integration solutions are key to a smooth & effortless data-oriented campaign setup. High quality integration tools that allow you to connect your campaign database directly to your CRM & ad platforms can save you a hectic amount of time & cost when taking marketing actions on acquired consumer data sets.